The CEO of SportsHub Pte Ltd (SHPL), Manu Sawhney, who managed the Singapore Sports Hub, announced his resignation today, which takes effect immediately.

His resignation comes after an anonymous complaint sent to he SHPL regarding allegations of Mr Sawhney’s poor treatment of staff. Reports by alternative media have also unearth accusations of abusive behavior on the part of Mr Sawhney.

In a statement to the press, Mr Sawhney said he felt it was time “for a new CEO to take the Singapore Sports Hub to its next level”.

He added that the allegations against him were “false and mischievous”, noting that the SHPL board had conducted an internal investigation and concluded that “no further action” was needed.

“I am proud of the transformation we’ve seen at the Sports Hub in the last year and half, and much of the credit goes to my hardworking team. I will cherish the times I spent at Sports Hub, and the support and encouragement of my colleagues and business partners. I wish them all success as they continue to turn aspirations into realities in making (the) Sports Hub the most exciting destination in Singapore.”

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