Personal trainer Shaun Leow Qi Hui lured a 21 year old national serviceman to have sex with him at a gym he worked at before scamming him of $1000.

Leow and another of his accomplices, full-time national serviceman Leong Boyuan, 23, were jailed 2 months yesterday after they pleaded guilty to one count of criminal intimidation. Another accomplice, delivery driver Tay Kai Hui, 22, will hear his case at a later date.

Leow met the 21 year-old student on a gay dating app, Grindr, and started chatting on 21 March last year. They later went to Leow’s workplace, Segi Fitness at Middle Road, where they had sex at 12.30AM.

3 minutes later, the 21 year old spotted Leow’s accomplice Leong filming the pair while they were naked. The younger man tried to dress up hastily while Leow also pretended to be shocked and got dressed.

Leong then feigned anger and demanded to know what they were doing and why they were trespassing in the gym.

Leow’s third accomplice, Tay, then appeared and claimed to be the owner of the gym. He scolded the pair for tarnishing the reputation of the gym and made repeated threats to call the police before demanding $5,000 from Leow as compensation. He also demanded the same amount from the victim, who could not afford the amount. They settled for $1,000 instead.

The trio were caught after the victim reported the incident to the police on 28 March last year.

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