Last night at midnight, there was a road block by the Traffic Police on Lorong 101 Changi. This happens regularly. However, the road block usually occurs just before the right turn onto Langsat Road. This ensures that residents staying on Langsat Road, Everitt Road, Lorong 102 – 108 Changi are able to turn right onto Langsat Road to get home after being checked by the Traffic Police.
Yesterday, however, the road block was moved further down Lorong 101 Changi. This created several issues. 
First, Lorong 101 Changi is a single lane road. With the road block and cars pulled over, unnecessary congestion occurred. At the wider Langsat Road junction, this does not happen. Next, cars pulled over blocked residents coming out of Park Court condominium. Also, the back exit from Joo Chiat centre was blocked. Finally, residents were not allowed to turn right onto Langsat to get home. They had to drive further down the one way Lorong 101 Changi and stop at the road block, causing congestion and blocking exits and then make a big detour to get back home.
I asked the ranking officer, Staff Sergeant Azhar Zhuri, why the road block was located at such an inconvenient location. He said he decided to do it there this particular night. Is there no official or authorised protocol that is properly planned to ensure while the TP does their jobs, residents are not affected and other road users can avoid unnecessary congestion?
Finally, my friend who was driving was asked to exit his vehicle to take a breathalyser test. He last consumed alcohol more than 24 hours before being pulled over yet the device "detected alcohol". He was told he could drive home, but if he got into an accident on the way home, he would be arrested for drink driving! This is absolutely ridiculous! Are the tests rigged to be extra sensitive? How is it possible that 24 hours after having a drink, you can still be arrested for drink driving if an accident occurs?
I understand that the Traffic Police are simply doing their jobs and I respect them for making our roads safer. However, their planning needs to be improved and proper protocol followed so residents and innocent motorists are not affected. Also, the breathalyser tests clearly need to be examined to ensure false readings are not obtained. I wonder how many innocent drivers have been made a victim of false readings?
A video of the congestion was uploaded by the contributor.

Location: Lorong 101 Changi
Time: Midnight, Wednesday 24th May 2017
A.S.S. Contributor

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