All of you who are laughing at the National Servicemen cooling off with ice water during their field camp should be ashamed of yourselves.

You have been through field camp and know how tough it is. They last at least 4 days and are usually physically very exhausting.

That is why training safety directives are drawn up throughout the years, so that NSFs can go through the experience safely without suffering from unnecessary physical injuries.

So for those of you arm chair generals who say that the NSFs who use ice water to prevent heat injury are softies and strawberry, let me hear your solution to this.

Will you stop recruits during training from cooling off and risk a few of them going through heat injury and drop out of training and the BMT course, or will you follow safety protocol and ensure close to zero case of heat injury so they can complete their training?

If the recruit can complete the training, it is a victory for the recruit and the commanders. The commander can safely say the recruit has been trained in the field; the recruit can discharge his duties safely and put trust in the SAF that his safety is being taken care of.

It is precisely this sort of attitude of pretending to be macho and tough that cause all training injuries and unsafe practices, and make NSFs lose faith in commanders who they think do not look after their safety.

A.S.S. Contributor

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