We will respect the one and only Great Man of Singapore NO OTHERS. When our great man is around.

Die die no PHV to enter Singapore market because he is protecting Singaporeans last line of rice bowl for us to earn and survive. He tried so hard to stop all the PHV in the 70s and by the 80s he had killed all PHV.

After he’s gone someone only thinks about making more money, by letting PHV enter into the market more COE, Road Tax, ERP, Season Parking and Tax money to collect every month.

He don’t care about Singaporeans rice bowl. He will most likely says strongest survives weakest falls. So now there is NO last line of income for US as a SINGAPOREANS.

Many says he is not a good political leader but a business man. Point is that COE and Cars are the fastest way for them to boost the economy status up by the percentage and their money. So they can loudly announce to the public that the economy is going up and doing well.

Another point is Uber and Grab or car rental company falls into their traps, submitted thousands of COE bids to get the cars to be rented out on the roads.
Now Taxi Industry is dying all because of this. Now there is no security for US as a Singaporean.

We can throw key now. Sooner or later when we have the chance we will throw our IC to ICA too.

Base on the rate more and more Singaporeans are leaving Singapore to become other countries citizens. All this had been proven black and white if you guys knows where to find the numbers.

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