Ordered my dinner today at 8plus as i was really tired after a hard days work. It’s my first time using the app so i am not sure how it really works. So i follow the order and process as usual.

After everything settled, i checked through and realise that the gps got my address wrongly and so i follow the instruction to call or sms to the delivery guy.

However, the phone could not get through and sms fails. So i send a help through their get help.

The next moment the delivery guy pressed delivered. So where did the hell my order went to?

I called their hotline and they couldn’t get my account details and even though i provide my order reference number. I got so pissed with the person who pick up my call and couldn’t even catch what i said when i said it clearly.

I gave up and send my feedback through the app. So no reply. Damn.

I am not gonna use UberEATS anymore and to the delivery dumb guy. You din even checked the person who is receiving and din even contact me at all.

A.S.S. Contributor

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