I am starting to get irritated with Grabhitch drivers and their cars! They are getting more and more arrogant and greedy and I am not sure why Grab isn’t doing anything about it! Was rushing for time so decided to take Grabhitch from Shenton Way back to my house in Punggol as it was only $12. My booking got accepted 3 minutes before booking ends and my driver will only arrive in another 5 minutes.

When my car arrived, I got into the car and the driver told me that he will look at the app to see if there are anymore request along the way, I told him not to as I am rushing and he start calling me a cheapo and nagged at me saying that I should go for grabcar or taxi if I am rushing, I told him off that I chose Grabhitch because taxi has got all the surcharges and grab and uber are surging ridiculously, $28 and $29 respectively, mind you, he is just a part timer working in CBD who have just finished poly and waiting to be enlisted to NS, I dont know why young punk can behave like this. HE EVEN DARE TO TELL ME OFF THAT IF I DON’T LIKE, HE CAN DROP ME OFF AND ASK ME TO MAKE ANOTHER BOOKING. As I didn’t want to waste my time again, I gave in to him. At the red traffic light ahead, he saw and accepted 3 more request close to time with only 1 pax each at AXA tower , Cecil St, and Cross St, all going towards Sengkang and Punggol.

I was the more unlucky one to be the last to drop off, and instead of a 25 minutes journey, my journey became 50 minutes because of the detour and guess what, the rest of the 3 passengers all chipped in for the CTE ERP and even tipped him!!! I got even mad and when I got off his car, I just don’t bother closing the door and make him come down and close the door! I can’t imagine that recently Grabhitch drivers tend to display an obnoxious attitude towards riders and keep giving the impression that they are not obliged to give us a ride and keep on bearing the thought of us being cheapskates in their minds. Grabhitch drivers now are also forgetting that we passengers are paying them for them to enjoy a “free” car and also offsetting their costs of having a car!

I guess it’s time to go back to taking bus and MRT even if I am in the rush unless grab can train their Grabhitch drivers, taxi companies can stop all the surcharges and grab/uber to stop their surge pricing before I even go back to taking grab or Grab hitch.

Please share this post as I want Grabhitch drivers or there to behave themselves and be more customer minded than money minded! We passengers are helping them understand? Everybody wants a cheap ride, if not because of all the unnecessary taxi surcharges and surge pricing, why would there be Grabhitch in the first place? And grab, please only allow commercial cars to do Grabhitch as the drivers are more well trained.

A.S.S. Contributor

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