A netizen, Geok Pei, has warned Singaporean parents to beware of suspicious Chinese nationals who are allegedly targeting children for attempted kidnappings.

According to Geok Pei, at 9.30PM last Monday, her husband was approached by a Chinese man on the pretext of asking how to use a Burger Up ordering kiosk, all this while hovering dangerously close to her children. He rejected the China man when he asked Geok Pei’s husband to help buy food for him from the kiosk, which was located far from the table where he and his children were seated.

What made Geok Pei’s husband more suspicious was when the China man simply left the restaurant without ordering any food and drink. Before he left, he continued to stand awkwardly near the children and seemed to be furiously texting someone.

Geok Pei suspected that the man had “ill-intent” towards her children and wrote on Facebook page to warn others about the foreigner’s suspicious behavior.

This is not the first time foreigners have been suspected of trying to carry out kidnappings of Singapore children. Previous such cases have been investigated by the Singapore Police Force in the past but have been found to be false.

In any event, parents should watch their children closely and avoid contact with suspicious individuals regardless of nationality.

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