Concerned netizen Geok Pei shared on Facebook her experience at Punggol Waterway Point with a suspicious PRC national who tried to chat up her husband to help him with a self-help kiosk at Burger Up instead of seeking help from others who were already at the machine. She suspects that the PRC national may be trying to lure her husband who was seated with her kids at the table.

"Parents who bring young children to waterway point, please be caution of suspicious Chinese Nationals. Last Monday at 9.30pm, my hubby was approached by a Chinese man on how to use a burger up ordering kiosk.

My children were then seated with their dad beside Shilin @B2 while i went to get a drink. The seats were far from the ordering kiosk so my hubby asked the Chinese man to order from the counter directly if he didnt know how to use the kiosk. The man was stunned but he stood beside my children. There were people using the ordering kiosk at that time but the man didnt ask anyone else.

When i returned, the man was still standing beside my kids though my hubby stood in front of them guarding against the man. He kept texting on his phone after my hubby rejected to help but left shortly to take the escalator after i returned.

My hubby got suspicious of him because he didnt intend to buy food and he approached for help shortly after i left to get a drink. If this was an attempted kidnap, it would have been successful if my hubby left the kids to help him with the ordering.

Parents, please never leave your kids out of your sight in malls because you will never know when your kindness will be exploited to make your kids a fallen prey for ill-intent."

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