Activists in support of Amos Yee have posted an update on Amos Yee’s mental health.

We would like to thank those who are concerned about Amos’s situation. Your love and outpouring of concern is greatly appreciated.

We would like to take a moment to address a statement that was made by ambassador Bilahari Kausikan “In fact the well-being of the boy and his family were probably the least of their considerations if this was ever a consideration in the first place.”…/

We appreciate your concerns ambassador for Amos’s well being. We are well aware that Amos’s imprisonment in Singapore and in the US would have a negative impact on his psychological well being, he is still a young developing mind. The activists working with Amos have taken his mental health into consideration. We have found for Amos two professionals who are willing to work with Amos pro bono. One is a licensed family therapist the other is a licensed psychologist. One has already worked with Amos and will continue to do so in the future; the other is now in the process of obtaining special privileges to work with Amos directly while he is incarcerated. Both have agreed to provide Amos with help once he has been released from detention. Considerations for his psychological well-being were made with Amos’s family prior to his departure as activists have been in contact with Amos’s mother at all times.

As for the statement “[those] who encouraged the boy to seek asylum” in the US for “making use of the boy and their family for their own anti-government agenda from the very beginning.” Amos chose to come to the US of his own free will. Amos and his family were never at any point “cynically manipulated” into carrying out any actions. Amos of his own free will chose to come to the US and his family was well aware of his decision to do so and the obstacles that he might face. Those that know Amos know very well that he isn’t easily manipulated as he has a strong will. It is Amos who chose his departure date and committed to the plan. Activists working with Amos only became aware at the last moment as to which date he chose. He wanted to do it this way for secrecy reasons.

Our suspicions for possible government interference are just suspicions but they are not unfounded. Even Amos’s most vocal critics such as Lester978 who runs a popular anti-Amos blog agrees that:
“I would be surprised if the Singapore gov. would simply let the ruling stand and not kick up a fuss about it. Let me now qualify that statement further in no uncertain terms: it would be inconceivable of the Singapore Government/Embassy not to move heaven and earth to redress the obloquy inflicted on the nation by the existing misrule — all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if need be.”

If Wikileaks has taught us anything it is that what goes behind closed doors by those in power are not always what they seem to be.

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