Dear A.S.S. Editor

Another monster have been jailed for molesting a girl, this time this monster is using the guise of a trusted uncle to his 13 year old niece. The man was sentenced to 21 months’ jail and ordered to receive four strokes of the cane after a district court found him guilty of molesting the girl who was then 13 years old. Sadly, instead of admitting guilt and going through with his sentence, the man is appealing against his sentence and conviction, and has been offered a bail of $25,000.

The teenage girl had described this man as her “second father”, trusted her uncle and regarded him as his confidante. The teenager had even felt closer to him than she was to her own parents before the crime took place. However, instead of being the trusted uncle, he abused this authority by sexually assaulting her. On February 2014, he had lured the niece to his home and molested her by touching her private parts.

These kind of people should be put in jail straight away, and not even be given a chance to appeal the conviction. The cheek he has to appeal in the first place!

Syed Mutalib

A.S.S. Contributor

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