I was going to apply for the Geylang BTO so I talked to a friend who’s living in nearby Cassia Crescent.

What he said shocked me. Yes the place is supposedly quite far from the chicken pen. But always have suspicious character loiter around the void deck. His neighbour’s daughter also kena molested at the Guillemard Road bus stop once. This is even though the blocks are quite new.

I also asked my friend who’s living at the Greentops project at Aljunied. The block is a mix of 3-room and 2-room flexi flats. And… it’s just awful. It’s a den of single senior folk and poorer families (with crime and drug problems etc) and no place for a pleasant home for a decent family.

As most of the 3-room flats in the Geylang BTO are in similar config (i.e. full blocks of 3-room and 2-room flexi), I think the environment will be very bad. This might just turn into a slum. I think the 4-room flats at Dakota Breeze are still okay, but the prospect of staying in a 3-room there is just too scary. I will not feel safe for my child.

I wonder why the government doesn’t know about this 2-room and 3-room flat problem. Why not mix it up? Why create slums? If got ethnic quota why don’t have an income quota where a flat have all kinds of flats that cater to different stratas?

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