I’m the brother of the girl who got cheated by a playboy in your previous article. I can’t stop people from bashing my younger sister for sending the article but I want to assure everyone her intentions is not to shame Mark Seow Jun Hao. Yes that’s his full name so you guys can go do your search whatever about him.

Anyway, my sister met Mark when they were doing sports. On the surface, he is polite and gentlemanly. I am also in shock when my sis broke down into tears one day and confessed to me all the things he do behind her back. It’s really difficult to believe it. She had been hiding from us all along as she did not want us to worry about her. But she told me she wanted to say this out because she did not want other girls (who can be your own sister and best girlfriends) to be as foolish as she had been and end up so betrayed.

Mark, do you remember that time my sister rush to your place so late at night to bring you soup when you told her you had fever? How about she keep recommending you friends to buy insurance from you? Even when you tell her you no cash as business poor recently she still stuck by you and never ask you to pay for dates but go dutch?

Mark is not handsome to all those saying my sister is with him for looks. He has acne marks on his face and that’s a fact. But I leave it to the rest to judge him for looks. He is also not rich. I know him after all. Although the photo of him winning the award is deceiving, but I’m sure you guys have friends that are self employed. Glory on the surface but when they struggling to close enough sales, they wont tell you. Same story here.

This guy does not have a car. I am the one that always fetching my sister but we are close and I don’t mind. Ok sometimes mind a bit la. Haha.

I’m just angry at how Mark treat my sis after all she had done for him. This is not a gender thing. Think of one moment you treat someone close to you, maybe a good friend or partner very well, trust him/her only to have him/her betray you in the end?

Yes you can only blame yourself, naive and stupid, but still hurts like shit right. Like I said, even I also thought he is a good bf to my sis, uni graduate, talk nicely to us, always greet my parents when over at our house etc. I am still in shock.

Anyway, all I hope is for my sis to recover from this hurt and find someone better that she deserves. As for Mark Seow Jun Hao, karma will get you one day. Don’t treat people like shit, like pebbles for you to step all over, use and throw after people sincerely cared for you. One day you will find yourself someone who will also treat you like shit.

Mark, if you did no wrong why delete your Facebook account? In any case, your photos are with us.

Replying to my sister’s intention again..Warning the others. Now current number is at 5. What if there is a 6th or 7th or even 8th? What if the 8th is your mother. Ok nuff said.

See the article below for more details.

A.S.S. Contributor

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