54 year-old Yam Hai Hong turned berserk against a taxi driver, punching him on the cheeks and 8 times on the back of his head after he was told that he could not pay for his ride by NETS.

This according to court proceedings yesterday, where the former restaurant manager was sentenced to 4 weeks after being charged with causing bodily harm to Mr Muhammad Hairi Rahiman, also 54 years old. Yam had lost his job as a result of the incident.

On 9 October last year, Yam got into Mr Hairi’s taxi along New Bridge Road and asked to be taken to Block 483 Admiralty Link. Yam claims that he had asked Mr Hairi whether he could pay by NETS before boarding the taxi.

When he reached the block, Yam got angry with Mr Hairi after he was told that he could not pay by NETS. Yam also alleged that the dispute got heated because he was taken to the wrong block.

Yam turned violent in the midst of the argument, shouting at the taxi driver who tried to call the police. When both the victim and the taxi driver got out of the vehicle, Yam pushed and punched the man. The vehicle’s in-car camera footage captured the altercation.

The assault caused Mr Hairi to suffer a contusion for which he sought treatment at a polyclinic.

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