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Yet another pervert arrested for taking photos of a woman undressed in the toilet. Now that everyone carries a camera in their pockets in the form of smart phones, the ease with which to outrage the modesty of someone else also grows, and peeping toms have now gone full high tech.

This time around, the man, a Malaysian national, was caught filming a woman in the shower of the flat they were both living in. He has been jailed for four weeks after admitting to intruding the victim’s privacy. The man, Danny Chong Kin Nam, had at first denied that he filmed the woman in the shower, even after she claimed she had seen a silver Samsung Galaxy Note7 phone placed on a glass window panel above the bathroom door, while she was undressed and washing her face in the kitchen bathroom.

When she confronted the man, he let her see the phone, which did not have any evidence of filming being done. But this did not stop the woman from making a police report against him. Forensic examinations by the police revealed two video recordings of the woman taking a shower on the said date, and also another similar video taken nine days earlier.

More and more cases of peeping toms being caught in the act. Wonder how many more peeping toms that actually got away with their crimes?

Mylene Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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