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An Indian national who was a former tour manager of a travel company has been jailed for five months for criminal breach of trust to the tune of almost $35,000. The man, Natesapillai Atchayalingam, 52, was a staff at Serangoon Air Travels at their outlet at the Verge when the offence was committed between January and December last year.

His crime was discovered in January this year, when a customer claimed that he had made a full payment to Natesapillai for a tour package to India, even though this was not reflected in the company’s record. The customer then showed a picture of an invoice, which revealed that the invoice was not issued by the company, and records showed that $22,763 belonging to the company has been misappropriated.

Natesapillai had also been found to misappropriate sums entitled to him by customers, by having them make payments via money transfer to his personal bank account. He would then create invoices where he indicated partial payments made, even though the customers had made full payments. In total, $34,639 from 43 customers were taken by Natesapillai. He had made full restitution on the amounts misappropriated.

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