there’s been a lot of talk about hanging drug traffickers and i just wanted to share my thoughts. It is easy to be good when you have a good upbringing but what if you didn’t? What if your dad left, younger sibling had a mental issue and the sole breadwinner your mother gets in an accident and you need lots of cash quick? To save your mother and provide for your sibling?

You didn’t do too well in school because of the tough background you had and all the times you had to work to help your family out, you family could not afford tuition or to send you to a good school.

Right now you are desperate and need money and someone comes up to you and tells you they have cash to pass to you, all you have to do is go on a holiday and bring back a bag, don’t open it, don’t ask what is in it and just deliver it to them back here in singapore and you get the cash right away.

Now it is easy for us to say there are other options and yes there might be but for someone who has been fucked by life so hard they might not even be aware of other options.

There are people in singapore that have been left behind and don’t get it as good as the rest of you. The don’t get a nice path of good secondary school, jc and then overseas uni only to land a good high paying job without an unstable family to worry about.

These people aren’t evil demons who want to bring drugs into the country to fuck up peoples lives, they are desperate poor people who have been left behind.
No one WANTS to do this, i am not saying they don’t deserve punishment, but hanging them and taking their life does not get anything done. Drug lords will find more desperate people and prey on them to bring drugs into the country.

Maybe what needs to be addressed is the desperation behind these people pushing them to go this far? Maybe we need to takecare of the people being left behind to drug lords cannot prey on them? Maybe addressing the demand and recognising the reasons why people resort to taking drugs will help too?
We need to start asking tough questions and not take simple status quo “solutions” that don’t work.

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