One of the worst ride ever experienced on Grab.

I booked a Grabshare to Kranji Loop from woodlands. As I didn’t have the exact address of the coffeeshop which I was heading to eat with my colleagues. But the coffeeshop was on that road. Sadly Grab doesn’t have a ‘drag and drop’ pin like uber, it would’ve been so much easier(*Update, Guess they do, just wasn’t as easy to access I believe not many other passengers would’ve known.)

When I boarded, there was another passenger on-board and it was heading to my location first.

The Driver, Kevin then asked me ‘Eh you don’t have the exact address of the place you’re going?’ To which I replied nicely, ‘Sorry I didn’t have but it’s just a coffeeshop which is just around the area’ after that things went silent. I thought it was normal.. hell was I wrong.

Just as we were reaching the destination(the coffeeshop is on THAT SAME ROAD) I saw the gps showing him to end the trip on the right side(the end of that same road) to which I then prompt him, ‘I’m sorry my destination is just up ahead’, like any normal drivers they would have just said ‘okay, no problem! :)’ and drop me off ahead instead. He then started scolding vulgarities at me? Saying ‘No GPS ends here, you get down here, $7 grabshare also want to talk so much’ (it’s actually pretty expensive for a slightly more than 5min ride)and continuation of vulgarities. Of course being so pissed off with his attitude and chasing me down the car, I just left the door ajar, and walked away. He then came down and chase me and continued hurling me with vulgarities, forcing me to close the door. Which I did as I didn’t want to create a big scene and for the other passenger to get to her destination on time. All the while not retaliating with any vulgarities, for the other passenger, sorry you had to witness all that, maybe if you ever see this, you can have a say of what had happened.


I’ve been a Gold member for awhile now taking grab almost every day to and fro from places, I’ve always had good experiences with drivers and this is the first time I’ve ever came across such an inflexible driver. I think even if got wall infront of him, but the GPS say go straight he would have gladly crashed his car to go through.

Please grab, I don’t think it’s the way that your driver’s should behave by scolding vulgarities and being such a d**k.

Tell me guys am I wrong?

Maybe it’s time to boycott Grab and use uber instead with these kind of driver’s around.

*Update have posted the map of where I’m heading to and where he had dropped me off, who wouldn’t be pissed?

Marcus Chong
A.S.S. Contributor

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