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Finally, after almost five years of work and two very well publicised delays, the Braddell Flyover will finally be opened on the 11 June this year. Residents living in the area where the work was being done can finally have peace from the constant noise and dust from the work taking place there.

Now, residents can enjoy the noise from vehicles travelling on the new flyover, plus the dust these vehicles will generate when they travel on the flyover. Nice change, for once. LTA has hoped that the new flyover will ease congestion on the busy stretch of Braddell, where vehicles going into CTE and Upper Serangoon Road generally share the same exit points. But the project faced many difficulties, not least the original contractor going bankrupt in 2014.

The newly appointed contractor also could not complete the construction works, which was re-scheduled with a new completion date of end 2015, then again to end 2016. Both times, the company stated that the construction of the flyover are facing difficult conditions. The company was also issues a stop work order by MOM on February 23 this year. So finally, after all these problems and delay, the project is finally completed.

That it took almost two years more than it should for the completion of the project was a major embarrassment for the LTA. Let’s hope traffic now runs smoothly there.

Calvin Sim

A.S.S. Contributor

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