An angry taxi driver shares his side of the story about the GrabHitch driver who was caught touting.

Read his account here.

I am very pissed with that lady who said that she hitched 2 boys who had difficulty waiting for taxi, I was right behind her and saw everything. I was about to stop my taxi then she stopped! She did it on purpose and she isn’t a private hire car either!

Now, her actions have proven to be touting and also she even dare to be so arrogant enough to post on Facebook saying that she rejected the boys from paying her but then she turn use the app to check and told them about the fare and even accepted payment eventually.

This is a very serious matter as grab has already mentioned that insurance will not cover Grabhitch because it’s personal or private car. And now she is doing this? No worries, me and my taxi buddies together with some of my friends drive uber and grab have already reported her to the LTA.

A.S.S. Contributor

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