In response to claims that the Singapore government is interfering in Amos Yee’s asylum process in the US, Ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan has weighed in and rubbished these “conspiracy theories”.

He writes: “And the SG government has such great influence with the US government??? I did not know we were so powerful!”

He argued that the American penal system is “far harsher and intolerant than our penal system” and revealed that Amos Yee had picked a quarrel with an Imam while in jail. When he was deemed a suicide risk, he was place in solitary confinement and not in a mental health institute because that is the way American jails work, unlike Singapore’s.

He added cryptically that those who encouraged Amos to seek asylum overseas had been manipulating the family for their own anti-government agenda.

“Those who encouraged the boy to seek asylum did so at a time when anyone with half a brain and an eye on America would have seen that the country was moving in a direction that was less welcoming to foreigners including asylum-seekers. With Trump as President it was well-nigh inevitable that the administration would appeal against him being granted asylum.

Since I think those who encouraged him and his family to seek asylum have whole brains and are not unfamiliar with the US, my conclusion is that these people were making use of the boy and their family for their own anti-government agenda from the very beginning.

In fact the well-being of the boy and his family were probably the least of their considerations if this was ever a consideration in the first place. I feel sorry for the family who have been cynically manipulated.”

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