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The recent report on the family that ran into issues with their renovation contractors after paying $38,000 is a familiar story that seems to happen time and again. Every few months, you will have heard or read about someone who had contractor woes, where money has been paid, but the works either not done, or not completed, or worse still, no of the required and agreed standards.

Normally when this happens, it is the customers who stand to lose. They have to shell out a few thousand dollars to hire these contractors in the first place. But when work is not done or completed, and the contractors run away, there is no way the customers can get the money back. There may be court rulings to award the damages and pay back back money owed to customer, but this is hard to enforce. The contractor may just remain uncontactable, their shops abandoned, and money paid disappeared along with the contractors.

Could more be done to protect the customers? Surely CASE is powerless to stop these rogue contractors from cheating their customer. Because it seems like these companies think they can get away from all this, the more the companies will try to take advantage

Angry Customers

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