The secretary-general of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) announced his resignation today on Facebook at 10.30AM. On his Facebook page, he attached a copy of his resignation letter, which cited reasons for his decision to leave the party.

According to him, he had become secretary-general of the NSP in August 2015 because the party was rocked by “drama” and he needed to help stabilize the ship.

He says he tried to make NSP the “voice for the common man and voice for ordinary Singaporeans”, but it has now become clear to him in the last few months that his approach and the party’s approach to politics are “fundamentally different”.

Lim Tean said that the turning point for him was when elements of the NSP disagreed with his appearance at the Hong Lim protest over the 30% water price hike last March. Lim Tean says he stands by his speech and pointed out that it has reached a quarter of a million people, “far far surpassing any post which the NSP has ever put out”.

He was also disappointed that the party decided to remain silent over the Elected Presidency issue.

He hinted that he was disappointed with some in the party for being “frightened to speak up because of personal considerations” and condemned such politicians for “a complete dereliction of one’s duty.”

Lim Tean says he will continue to speak out for Singaporeans using other platforms and innovative methods.

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