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The woman in the centre of the storm in a viral video where she was shown hitting her daughter repeatedly with a cane and a tree branch has reportedly wrote to the press to apologise and admit that she might have been too harsh on the girl. She had also stated that she will seek counselling.

The letter to the media, in which the woman signed off as a “repentant mother”, the woman admitted that she is a very strict mother to her daughter, but added that this does not mean she does not love her children. She also explained that her actions was instigated by her daughter lying to her with regards to her homework, where the daughter lied that some worksheets which she did not do for her tuition were not required by her teacher. She also indicated that her daughter’s grades were falling in the last three tests she took, and the mistakes made were glaring with carelessness.

Her daughter had also lied to her about checking her tests answers, and these just made the mother, who did not name herself, exploded into rage. She also explained that the canning was carried out in public because her own mother had forbade her from canning her own daughter in their home, alluding to grandparents spoiling their grand kids. She claimed that she tried to choose a quiet corner so as not to humiliate the daughter, but she did not expect a video of it to go viral.

She ended the letter by insisting that she and her husband did not abuse their children, but she agreed with netizens that she needs to go for counselling. She also said that this was a family discipline issue, not a child abuse issue, and thus requested the public to give them space and to accept her apology.

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