Activists who have been campaigning tirelessly to halt the execution of Muhammad Ridzuan Ali want the public to know that the execution is not a racial issue, says prominent human rights lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam.

Thuraisingam says that netizens who have been using the issue to “deliberately or unintentionally cast Ridzuan’s execution as a racial issue”, and warns that “There is no basis to do so.” He added that “comparing other cases is dangerous as the facts and circumstance of each case is different” and the evidence is also different.

He clarified that he and his fellow activists only want to contest whether it is appropriate for the Attorney-General to get to decide in each individual’s case who gets the death penalty or not, and whether it is “morally justifiable” to use the death penalty on drug traffickers.

He only compared Ridzuan and his accomplice’s different sentences to highlight the differences between the 2 individuals who committed the same crime but ended up with different sentences based on the Attorney-General’s decision, which Thuraisingam emphasized, the Attorney-General does not need to explain to the public.

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