A GrabHitch driver, who recently posted about picking up 2 stranded passengers who could not get a taxi, has been flamed online by taxi drivers who have accused her of touting.

According to some netizens who are familiar with road regulations, she has breached at least 3 sub-paragraph of the Road Traffic (Car Pool) Exemption Order 2015.

1. No soliciting for passengers on a road, parking place or public stand.
2. Passengers must be informed of her destination, not the other way around.
3. The value or any benefit paid must not be more than the cost of the trip.

What do you think?

Read her account here.

“Recently I did a real hitch … was visiting a fren at her workplace then notice two had a hard time getting taxi … so I approached them n asked if they need a hitch. They replied thank you with big smiles. After arriving, to my surprise they asked me : how much? I said it’s ok n they insist then I show them the app price($13) n they were shocked how cheap it was n happily paid me. They told me they paid close to $30 every day.

Actually I m super thankful. Manage to stack 2 riders on my way home(HPB-chongpang-admiralty). Both pick up location is near health promotion board area. I informed both. One was initially hesistant but I explained e drop offs & she accepted. She shared w me one driver took her all e way to bukit batok to pick up another passenger drop at cck then drop her at admiralty. Upon hearing I feel so sad for her as I had similar exp, I urge her to complain to grab if drivers bring them to go holland. She was surprise n ask me y I didn’t defend e driver. I told her 1. I also a rider sometimes, 2. I kenna similar driver. She goes “oooooo~ okay I will take note!*big smile*”. #happyhitchday”

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