Emotions are running high now in the midst of another state sponsored murder of “an evil drug trafficker”. Many Singaporeans think that we are justified in the killing and believe that our tiny island is right while the rest of the planet is wrong when it comes to human rights.

But if you are truly in support of the death penalty for drug traffickers,
then you would have no doubts when it comes to issuing the death penalty for
alcohol traffickers, including the 7-11 staff behind the counter.

So let’s break this down.

Why do we support the death penalty for drug traffickers? Because they
physically move “drugs” within the island.
Why is that bad? Because they can sell the drugs for people to consume.
Why is that bad? Because drugs are addictive, makes you high, people can do
dangerous thing while they are high and can ruin their lives.

So what’s this got to do with alcohol? Well it all has to do with science.

The drug laws were first created without any regards to science back in the
day. If it looks addictive and can get you high, it has to be illegal. But in
this day and age, scientists have tried to classify all drugs, including
alcohol (yes alcohol is a drug) and rank them by their danger to self and
other and also addictiveness.
Drug Harm Charts & Psychedelics

Above are a few articles on several studies attempting to rank drugs and in
most cases, alcohol is a good contender to heroin.

Think about it, heroin users generally gets high and suffer quietly in the corner, while alcohol users can get violent and get into fights. How many Singaporeans were injured by alcohol users vs heroin users lately?

Alcohol can impair the mind, it makes you high, is involved in many sexual crimes, involved in many deaths on the road, can cause liver diseases and can ruin the family structure if the alcohol user becomes too addicted. The same or even worse than heroin.

Knowing this, you have to support the death penalty for alcohol traffickers, including that 7-11 staff behind the counter. Otherwise, you are just a hypocrite.

A.S.S. Contributor

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