5 Singaporean men have reportedly been offered employment with a Japanese Adult Video (JAV) producer, Tokyo Dreams (夢精スタジオ), after passing an audition set in Geylang.

News reports about the lucky 5 were posted simultaneously on newly established news websites Is This Legit, Press Union, Foreign Journal and Sunday Register.

According to the articles, the head of recruitment for Tokyo Dreams, Mr Shime Tashiaki, praised the men who passed the audition who were able to endure 90 minutes of action for the full audition.

“I was very impressed with some of the applicants who were able to last for the whole session. A couple admitted to taking a herbal remedy to help them last longer in bed, but I’m fine with that if it improves their stamina. The actress was also very pleased with their performance,” he said.

“We had a full camera rig set up next to a bed, as we do in our Tokyo studios, and our actress and director guided the men through a number of common scenes featured in our movies. We asked the men to act out their favourite JAV scenes, and there were some very creative positions involved.”

The JAV producer is reportedly planning to recruit actors from Kuala Lumpur in the coming months.

Although welcomed by several netizens, who expressed interest in joining future auditions, the reports’ authenticity have been questioned by both local and international news sites.

One Malaysian based magazine, hype.my, wrote:

“For starters, it doesn’t look like any of our regional new outlets have picked up on the story of the so-called auditions (yet, as at time of writing). Secondly, the websites that did pick up the news are fairly new: Mississippi Herald’s domain was registered on 2nd November 2016 while Sunday Register’s domain was registered on 24th January 2017.

But if you paid any attention to Sunday Register’s “About” page (refer to the above screenshot), it says, “We are renowned for our team of experienced freelance journalists who are based in almost every nation around the world, and who go to any length to bring you stories that matter. With a long history and coveted awards in the field of journalism, Sunday Register keeps you on the pulse of world media.”

However, a Google search (Sunday Register, Sunday Register awards, Sunday Register newspaper) turns up nothing about Sunday Register or their “awards”. Surely such a celebrated international newspaper would at least turn up in Google’s search results?”

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