Friday Evening was a terrifying day for me. I booked grabcar to go home today. The car i took exploded right infront of my eyes.

Driver was confused and Luckily driver told me to get out asap as he told me that his car broke down and we already saw the smoke coming out from the front.

As soon as i walked out, the car was flaming bit by bit and it blasted. SCDF came asap as fast as 5 mins when it happened.

With the explosions going on, i really salute to the firefighters from Woodlands A431 for the fast response to bring down the heavy fire.

I hope everyone with car or bike or any vehicle to be more aware to your vehicle. Be it the engines, wheels, lights whatsoever.

You might not know what can happen. Im thankful that both me and the driver wasnt in serious state. And I hope driver is fine and well as he was conveyed by the ambulance.

Lucky Passenger
A.S.S. Contributor

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