After 30th June, Booktique will move out of CityLink Mall and end a chapter of our 4-years’ bookselling adventure.

Since the end of 2015, we have been affected by the weakening economy and hit badly by the retail slump. Booktique is mostly a one-man operation with no other partners to share the financial burden. That is why in February 2016, I had to appeal to all of you for help. Every month since, we haven’t been able to sustain on our own. My personal saving has been depleted from keeping this bookshop going till our two-years’ lease expires. Finally, the time is near for us to reclaim our deposit so that we can plan our future. One thing for sure is we will return to our book fair days and not have a permanent shop anymore.

Unfortunately, the last one month plus has become even more difficult for us. Not only do we have to pay our May and June rent, we still have to settle our long overdue bills from our suppliers before we close. Looking at the persistent poor walks-in sales, we won’t be able to repay the insurmountable amount within 45 days.

~ For our May rent, we are unable to pay within the two-weeks’ grace period and our landlord has allowed us to pay it on 29th May, Monday. We are still in need of additional $5,000 and we only have 10 days to raise that amount. We have this weekend and the next to bank on but we also cannot afford poor sales on the weekdays.

~ For June, we have consolidated all our final bills which include our rent and long-outstanding invoices from our suppliers and they total up to about $19,000. We don’t know how we can make that amount in 45 days but will continue to do our best and give our all. We have events lined up till June and we are still bringing in new books until our last day. PLEASE help us to spread the word to all book and bookshop lovers, and your friends from the arts communities. Schools can help by buying books from us for their libraries. We have the e-invoice account with MOE.

For event details at our shop and other ways to help us, visit our old post at

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