I’d like to ask for your friendly assistance of posting my story about two uncles who helped me to retrieve back my Samsung mobile phone after I realised I had lost my cell phone at a ladies’ toilet besides a 7 Eleven located at One Raffles Quay for more than 20 minutes today(19/05/2017). I kept calling SMRT staff and One Marina Boulevard management office staff for their help but they refused to offer me a helping hand by telling me off in their rude manners on the phone,”Why should we help you to locate it since we are NOT stationed there? It is not our job to help you!”, I’d repeatedly asking SMRT staff and One Marina Boulevard for their help when i repeatedly calling them up,while I was still on my way back to Raffles Place, by pleading with them, “Please help customer,please?”

Their answers were similar, as in,they replied to rude manners,”Sorry,we don’t help customers like that,since it is not our job to help people just because they lost phones inside the toilet. why should we help you since it is not our job?”

Eventually,I reached the ladies located besides 7~11, a uncle who works there, i asked for his help whether any of his staff had seen my handphone left inside the ladies,after I found that my handphone was no longer there.When he spoke to me,I was already heart broken at that time but this 7~11 uncle,whose name is Mr Tan,told me this,:”Girl,don’t be so kancheong.”I couldn’t calm myself down as my sweet memories are inside(pictures&videos) that I have not saved it in my own personal computer.

Then,I left his 7~11 for less than 5 minutes,he gave me a call and asked me to go back to the same toilet,as he said his staff had found it.At that instant,I was euphoric!Uncle Tan directed me to go to One Raffles Quay information counter to speak with the customer service officers(Both are Malay,one pretty looking young lady and one handsome looking young gentleman)who also tried to calm me down as I looked very pale although my phone was found. An Indian security guard had returned it to me after I signed on it.I asked for his name and it was Mr Siva.

I thanked them and asked for their pictures in which the One Raffles Quay Information Counter staff who helped us to take pictures,as I wanted to express my gratitude online. Thank you,Uncles Tan and Siva!I will remember you two dearly! Keep up the good work!

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