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It is concerning that the cause of the faulty platform screen door at the Botanic Gardens MRT Station was caused by a water leakage. Investigations by the SBS Transit had found that water seepage had damaged the electrical components of a screen door at the Botanic Gardens Station.

The leak was apparently caused by natural groundwater seeping in from a space above the screen door – believed to be the tunnel ceiling. The leak has since been repaired. SBS Transit confirmed that they had filled it filled with a polyurethane chemical to prevent water from getting through again. Checks were also done at all North East Lines and Downtown Lines station, and it was found that minor water seepage was present at two doors at the Downtown Line’s King Albert Park station.

This is quite worrying, as both stations are relatively new. If the authorities cannot foresee that this might be a problem, will there be any other natural occurrences that may disrupt the running of the train station? Even worse, many years down the road, will this be a major issue that will affect the overall running of the train systems? SBS Transit and LTA better do their due diligence.

Josh Sim

A.S.S. Contributor

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