Dear A.S.S. Editor

I am writing to voice my unhappiness over the attitude of some taxi drivers, and wonder of anybody else had the same experience as me. This happened as I wanted to make my way to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal from the Tanah Merah MRT Station at about 5 pm on a Tuesday. There was a taxi waiting at the taxi stand, so naturally, I thought go straight to the taxi and make my way down tot he Ferry terminal.

The Taxi did not put up any indication that it was “On Call” or “Changing Shift”. In fact, the taxi driver looked super happy that a passenger opened his taxi door. But once I said Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, the mood changed. Suddenly, he said why go there at this time, as there are no ferries arriving anytime soon. I replied that i wanted to make my way there early, and anyway, it is my business if I want to go there at 5pm or 7pm or any other time.

The taxi driver suddenly said he was changing shift, and shooed me out of the taxi. I got angry, and told him off that if he was changing shift, he should indicate earlier, and anyways, if changing shift, then why wait at taxi stand. He didn’t bother to hear me out, as soon as I was out of the door, he drove off.

I went into the next taxi at the taxi stand. This kind uncle explained that taxi drivers dread going into Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal when there are no ferries scheduled to arrive, as it was a long drive back out to ‘civilisation’ without any passengers. The kind uncle than advised me to take a shuttle service there, as he also don’t want to drive all the way there.

I thought taxi drivers are lamenting the fact that money is now hard to make, as passengers are turning to Grab and Uber? Now, two taxis flatly rejected me. Why like this?

Ciara Ng

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