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When LKY passed away in 2015, my first concern is about Singapore’s diplomacy. Observing how his son had conducted himself in various occasions, like visiting Taiwan right before he assumed the position as Prime Minister and how he unwittingly joked about smoke in Beijing right in front of the US President, I feared very much for our little Red Dot. Whether we like it or not, Singapore is stuck in between the cracks of the two giants. Our survival depends very much on how we walk cautiously on that little thin line of balance.

I have confided to some people about the great challenge we will face in the near future due to tension at Taiwan Strait as well as South China Sea. Especially South China Sea issue is extremely delicate and important to us as a trading port. I was very concerned that PAP under PM Lee would just screw it up badly. A small country like Singapore depends on great Diplomacy and Trade for survival. If our political leaders lack diplomatic skills, we will suffer very badly.

Just two years after the passing of LKY, it is unfortunate that my very deep down fear and concern came true. PM Lee, for all his life living enclosed in a palace fed with a golden spoon, does not seem to know how to handle human relationship, lest Diplomacy. Unlike his father who was basically a political street fighter, PM Lee lacks that realistic exposure to understand the importance of the nuance in diplomacy.

The political dynamics in Singapore has made it worse for PAP and PM Lee because with almost a total monopoly of power, the bloated ego and misplaced self confidence due to propaganda self praise along with World’s Highest Salaries for political leaders had made PM Lee and his Ministers living in cloud nine for far too long. It just proves that nobody really give a damn of your top million dollar salaries and will snub you if they don’t like your arrogance! Imagine PM Lee who gets 80 times more than President Xi in terms of salary, just got snubbed by China!

It is a painful lesson for PM Lee and PAP to learn from the recent snub and humiliation thrown at them by China in this OBOR Saga, but the potential loss Singaporeans would suffer is even greater. The Foreign Minister should step down for his inability to handle such important diplomacy effectively.

As for the Prime Minister, I hope he would retire early but make sure he gets the right successor who can manage such important ties with both US and China. Else, we can only cross our fingers for Singapore.

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