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The SAF had advised their Operationally ready NSmen to be cautious about a new service where the company will help with the cleaning, storage and packing service for reservists. The scheme, which was the brainchild of some NSmen themselves during an in camp training (ICT), was packaged as an enhancement to the operationally ready status of NSmen, and not to hinder.

Called Helping Arms in ICT’s Laundry, Packaging & Storage (HALPS), the service will work by picking up the NSman’s uniforms and equipment like field packs outside his camp on the last day of training. These will be then be cleaned and stored at a warehouse. They will then be prepared and sent to the respective owners for collection outside the main gates during the next ICT.

Although the SAF have not banned such services from being provided, they did warn Operationally Ready NSmen that they have to be responsible for the safekeeping and maintenance of their personal equipment, and to ensure that they are fully equipped and ready at the next ICT or mobilisation. The SAF further added that the NSmen should re-think if the concierge services is going to be consistently able to deliver the agreed services on time.

This service is basically trying to make money out of NSmen by essentially taking over their responsibility, and probably making their operational readiness left in the hands of a third party. Not sure this would be a good thing for the SAF. Why can’t the SAF just outright ban them?

James Poh

A.S.S. Contributor

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