I just want to chip in my little god damn thoughts. I am not an NSF neither do I need to serve the National Service. However, I was from an Uniform Group namely NCDCC and I would say it’s not comparable to the National Service but I would definitely understand their situation after a long week in camps.


If I am an NS man, the last thing on my god damn bloody mind is to PUT ON THE DEODORANT or PERFUME after a long tiring week of serving the nation that we all live in and to prepare to save the god damn ass of these ungrateful complain queen/king of SG. Additionally, for your information or rather those that have brains know that if you smell bad, you should never spray perfume on you because things will just go down the drain so shame on you PARI, get your facts right or maybe get a brain.

And to be honest, won’t you racist by saying that “Indian Smell Bad?”


If I am an NS man, I would definitely be happy and grateful that my parents took the time to pick me up from the bus terminal perhaps to get a nice meal before we get home while I share with them of what happened in camp over the weeks. Laughing with my dad or my brothers that went through the same thing with me too. Also not to mention to shorten the time spend by traveling home as much as possible.

If I am your husband, I would feel shame on you because I would be proud of these boys waking up early even though they complain non-stop always about how National Service sucks and yet they still do it. Some went in as “rebels/bengs” but came out as well man. Like the movie Ah Boys to Men. Not to mention that I was one of them too.

If I am your son, I would not be upset over the fact that you did not pick me up but I will be disappointed in your words that you actually say that these platoon mates or fellow mates that I may or may not met as inconvenience, incompetent, useless boys that thing that we are VIP. Correct me if I am wrong, even if we all called Grab/Uber/Taxi just to get home early (not to mention some of us live 1hours away from White Sands & because of complaints received all the time we are not allowed to sit on Public Transport) wont these “cabs” jam up the place too?

To the Public, I hope that we can all be a little bit more appreciative to your father, your brothers, your sons, your boyfriends, your husbands, your grandfathers etc, basically, all the male figure for that they had served the nation for us all. To protect us in the times of crisis and to always put the Elderly, the Woman & the Children before themselves. Take a look at the United State, they honor their soldier for the sweat and blood that they had shed, the hard work, the sleepless night, the combat drills and even in harsh conditions (which is still slightly different from SG National Service but no doubt still similar).

Lastly, to all my 20/10 soldiers, thank you for serving the nation and keeping us safe in the future of any crisis.

A.S.S. Contributor

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