Just got home from Fairprice at Zhongshan Mall. Witnessed a painful scene while I was about to proceed to the self checkout with my groceries. A lady shopper, guess she’s around mid-fifties, slipped and fell behind me and was struggling to get up. She complained of the severe pain in her right arm coz she fell on it and was worried she might have a fracture. I took the ice pack from the ice box to apply on her arm and she was able to move her arm after a while, and told me the pain has subsided.

I was very disappointed with the staff at the cashier and especially the old man standing in charge at the self checkout counters. NONE OF THEM CAME FORWARD TO CHECK IF THE LADY WAS ALRIGHT OR OFFERED HELP OR AT LEAST BRING HER A SEAT!!! Especially that old man, he just stood far away and didn’t even show concern at all!!!

Though he might be old and thinking he can’t be of much help, he could at least come forward to show concern or bring her a chair…don’t you all agree???

Really wonder how the staff are trained and if they are trained at all to attend to such sudden incident. Seriously, I think they should change the floor tiles coz you can’t see if there’s liquid on the floor at all. It is quite dangerous coz I do see quite a lot of elderly folks who patronise this outlet.

Fairprice authorities please look into this issue!

A.S.S. Contributor

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