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The government are now urging people to consider buying BTO houses in Yishun and Woodlands, two non-mature estates, especially for those in urgent need of getting their own homes. Some 2,000 BTO flats were released in the two towns, making up almost half of the BTO flats released in the latest exercise.

So, the government is trying to encourage young people to move into the slum town of Yishun, is it? Is it because they are scared the slum name given to Yishun is catching on online and offline, that;s why must push first time home owners to actually buy the houses there?

Even the Minister for National Development himself, Mr Lawrence Wong, has been deployed to hard sell Yishun BTOs to those buyers. The government also scared the buyers will opt for the mature estates of Geylang and Bidadari instead, which are also released in this exercise. This might mean the take up rate for Yishun and Woodlands will be even lower.

Patrick Sng

A.S.S. Contributor

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