Despite delivering an eleventh hour petition to President Tony Tan, Muhammad Ridzuan Ali was executed at 6AM this morning. He was convicted on charges of drug smuggling.
Activists M Ravi and lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam have posted their condolences and strongly condemned the government for not heeding their calls to halt the execution on legal and humanitarian grounds.
Thuraisingam wrote on his Facebook:
"Despite the resounding condemnation by Singaporeans of all races, Ridzuan's execution proceeded.
The life of a 32 year old snuffed out just like that. Under the shade of darkness, away from the scrutiny of the newspapers.
That is how evil operates. The worst things we do are always done in secret and in darkness.
Despite Ridzuan's death, it was heartening to see not just M Ravi speaking up, but this time, Singaporeans of all races, from all walks of life, have stood up to be counted!
The responsibility for Ridzuan's death lies squarely at the feet of the Attorney-General, the Law Minister and his cabinet. That is the evil that exists.
We must be aware of this. We must speak up. We must demand change!"
M Ravi uploaded a video of supporters keeping a night long vigil outside Changi Prison, showing visible emotion at the moment when Ridzuan was scheduled to be hanged.

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