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A 50 year old man has been arrested for stealing a motorcycle from a carpark in Jalan Besar, according to the police. The police had first received reports of a motorbike being stolen from a carpark along Rowell Road.

Subsequent investigations led the police to the stolen motorbike on Sunday, May 14, and the subsequent arrest of a man in connection with the theft on Wednesday, 17 May. This is now the second case of motorbike theft in a week. On Tuesday, two teens were arrested for stealing a motorbike at Yishun Slum carpark.

No reasons were cited by the police on the two motorbike theft cases. While one case involved teens possibly out for a joyride, it is not known why a man of 50 years of age would want to steal a motorbike, and essentially went scot free for about a month.

John Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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