Dear A.S.S. Editor

What kind of a human being punch, kick and step on a 4 year old just because he was angry with her? Even a monster would show compassion to its own young. This vile person, who is clearly not fit to be called a human being, assaulted his four-year-old stepdaughter so brutally that she suffered a broken rib, a buckle fracture on her forearm as well as bruises all over.

All in all, doctors who examined the poor girl found 29 injuries that were the result of two months of physical and psychological abuse by the 26 year old man who carries the moniker stepfather. Amongst the many acts of physical abuse he performed on the girl, were hitting the girl on the head using the base of a broken fan, used a slipper to hit her head until she bled, slapped her on the face, punched her, bit her arms, pulled her hair, kicked her abdomen, punched her face and chest, strangled her and twisted her arms.

The man also slapped his wife when she tried to intervene. The list of evil things he did to a four year old beggars believe. He had been sentenced to 7 year jail term and 9 strokes of the cane. He probably should be given the same treatment he dished out on the poor girl. Every day.

Bernard Chen

A.S.S. Contributor

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