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The fire at Changi Airport may have been put out along time ago. The operations at the Terminal 2, where the fire broke out, had also resumed as per normal. Many people have had their say on the fire, and how well or otherwise they were handled, and why such a small fire can cause so much smoke.

But for two restaurants on the third floor of the T2 building, they have not been re-opened yet. The two restaurants, Nando’s and Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food, are still dealing with the fallout of the fire and evacuation of the T2 building.

According to Nando’s spokesperson, the restaurant was unlikely to open soon, as there were still puddles of water around the area where the ceiling was leaking, and they still wanted to make sure that even if the ceiling had stopped leaking, the ceiling itself will not collapse. The same also happened with Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food, which is just next door. It is believed that the water was from the sprinklers that were activated on the floors above the restaurant during the fire.

Who would have thought a small fire would have affected the T2 building in such a way that a full evacuation of the building was ordered, and some restaurants are still not able to operate a full two days after the fire.

Aida R

A.S.S. Contributor

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