Following dismal statistics showing that School of the Arts (SOTA) students do not pursue the arts after graduation, another incident has caused controversy among the student body and teachers of the school.

According to one netizen, a student had put up an art installation consisting of folded paper airplanes stuck in the crevices between concrete slabs on the floor on Level 5 of the SOTA building. Each folded airplane was the name of a teacher who had left the school. The installation was located just outside the general office, near where the Vice-Principal’s office were.

However, the installation was removed within the day.

Some netizens, who were former students and teachers of SOTA, shared their outpouring of emotions for the art piece. Many shared that they missed the school and its students badly.

One netizen, who appears to be close the artist who put up the installation, wrote: “dear all, i just wanted to share that the student in question did the work during a performance art masterclass. it was a personal expression of loss and as a form of catharsis, and there was no intent to offend. the work was removed on the grounds that the student had not sought approval from the relevant authorities to install a work on school premises, and the student will be spoken to tomorrow. i would just like to say, on behalf of the student, that your words mean a lot to her. best.”

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