I am quite fortunate to meet my current boyfriend. Before that, no guy in University tried to chase me. I was giving up any hope of finding a boyfriend in NUS when I finally found a boyfriend.

After one tutorial class, he approached me and showed me my Facebook account, asking me,”Is this you?” I am not very active on Facebook, so I offered to exchange number with him. I am so glad that he agreed.

Right before every lunch, he would be the first one to rush out of the lecture theatre and waited me outside the lecture theatre to ask me if I wanted to eat lunch with together with him. He had to do that as I don’t check my Whatsapp frequently either.

He would also be waiting outside my tutorial class to eat Dinner with me before I went back to the hostel and he went back home.

One day, I went to the toilet in the middle of the tutorial class and I saw him at the corridor. That lesson was on the latest time slot. There wouldn’t be any lesson afterward and he would be sitting at the corridor if he had tutorial at that time slot. All along, had he been waiting for me at the corridor?

Personally, I think that he has severely good qualities. I am quite glad that he placed in so much effort to chase me as the feeling is mutual all along.

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