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A prison officer was today fined $2,000 in a State Court for punching a credit card promoter several times on the head and stomach. All this because the credit card promoter had asked him whether he was a Singaporean, or a Singapore Permanent Resident.

Have we as a society come to this now? Taking offence because someone doubt we are actually as Singaporean as him? The prison officer, Nur Azam Ab Rahman was approached by the promoter, Mr Cheng Chin Lin at Tampines Bus Interchange. Mr Cheng than asked Azam if he was a Singaporean or a Singapore PR, which was a normal question in the course of his work, and a question he will ask everyone.

However, Azam took offence a the question, and when Cheng tried to calm him down, Azam punched him. This led to Cheng to try to hold on to his bag to prevent Azam from leaving, to which Azam responded by punching and kicking him several times. The scuffle escalated to the point that Cheng even had Azam in a headlock. A bystander than broke up the scuffle, but not before Azam was in another headlock by Cheng, and Azam continued to kick and punch Cheng.

While Azam was fined for his unprovoked attack, the judge also remarked that the nature of the headlock was also an aggressive way to detain the aggressor. Azam had previously paid a restitution of $350 to Cheng. No word on why Cheng decided to use a headlock to detain an already angry person.

Cheong EY

A.S.S. Contributor

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