Why Singapore army boys no initiative? You know how smelly and stinking they are when they book out and taking the MRT and bus? They should just take taxi, grab or uber together among themselves! That pungent smell of theirs is making people sick and nauseated in the trains and buses, imagine on a Friday evening where the train is filled with them?

I understand that they need to go back home but please, at least change or spray some perfume. What’s wrong with it? Or do they want SMRT to come out with a cabin exclusively for them? You know how I have to endure that kind of smell for a very long journey? And for Singaporeans who keep saying Indians like us stinks, your army boys are even worse.

I urge the defense authority to do something about it, it’s causing a lot of public air pollution especially in a closed air conditioned place.

If not why they cannot use army truck or lorry to send them home? Better than to stink up the whole train or bus right? Then now they made thousands of commuters enduring their smell you know?

Dear editors, please share this and tag the relevant authorities.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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