Hi editors,

I am the General Manager of 2 local restaurants.

On 3 May 2017, at about 1.36PM, I received a call from an unknown number looking for my staff called Kenny Cheong. I told the caller that he got the wrong number and ended the call immediately.

Later, I actually got to known through my assistant manager previously that this staff had borrowed money from several unlicensed money lenders and licensed money lenders. He also told me that there were calls made to my restaurants’ phone lines and also to my kitchen manager, all looking for the same staff Kenny Cheong asking for payments.

My assistant manager also interviewed the staff personally and he did admit to borrowing from 14 unlicensed money lender and 4 licensed money lender. He also gave the contact number of some of our staff working at the restaurant to the lenders.

On the same day at about 2.08PM, my assistant manager texted me saying that he has received WhatsApp messages from a lender introducing himself as Eric. In the text messages, he asked for payment and sent photos of me taken from my Facebook stating that he knows I am the general manager of Kenny Cheong. He threatened us to pay up if not they will make a friend of mine lose his job at Marina Bay Sands.

The staff is currently working for the restaurant, but the company has decided to sack him.

Angry Manager
A.S.S. Contributor

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