Dear A.S.S. Editor

With the number of Grab and Uber drivers on the rise, taxi drivers are now having to work doubly hard to earn a living. So, I don’t understand all the gripes that these young chaps from Grab and Uber are uncomplaining about.

Most of them are still young, and a lot of them also don’t just drive for a living. They can do other jobs too. So, for those who actually are doing two jobs, yes, times might be tough. That’s why you have to do two jobs. But have you thought about the fact that doing double jobs means you are pulling in double income? And what about the headache you are giving to the older taxi drivers? These drivers are old, cannot do other jobs already. Most just depend on their taxi jobs for income. And that is slowly being taken away by these young punks.

I am an old taxi driver myself. I used to be able to go for kopi sessions with my taxi kakis after a long day driving, just to rest and relax a bit, and catch up with friends. But now, I cannot do that. How to? Any time away from driving means lesser and lesser money. And I cannot miss even one minute of missing out on potential customers. Now, the only time I can relax is when I finish my shift. Sad times to be a taxi driver.

Roger Seet

A.S.S. Contributor

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