Dear A.S.S. Editor

Interesting read on the news today. The article is titled “Many working out of need, not out of choice”, and article is about the elderly who are still working. Even if the article is not written, most of us in Singapore would know that many of our elderly finds the need to work out of necessity, the need to get money to continue supporting themselves.

Not one of us thinks the elderly aunties or uncles, who work selling tissues at hawker centers, or collecting cardboard and pushing their trolleys full of cardboard on the roads are actually working because they want to alleviate their boredom, or, in the words of a famous person here, for exercise. Only our Ministers think the elderly work and carried on working way past their retirement age, because they want to.

This is just their way of telling Singaporeans that the problems they all talked about, are actually not problems. We just make it an issue. Nonsense! Why would these elderly folks continue to work when they could not even walk that fast anymore? They would rather be somewhere relaxing, enjoying the fruits of their youthful labour, enjoying the retirement money they had worked so hard for all those years ago. Except, there are no retirement money, and there is no relaxing to be had. To be able to eke out a living in Singapore, one has to work until one cannot walk anymore.

Unless of course you are Minister. Then when you retire and still want to work, then you are doing it only for the exercise.

Mohan B

A.S.S. Contributor

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