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NSFs are treated too badly by public perception. It is an endless cycle. Occasional NSF commit whatever “mistake” like sit on MRT, public outrage, some NSF develop a heck care attitude, more likely to have some shaming incident again.

The public takes NSFs for granted. No NSFs want to be there, otherwise they go regular already. They are already disgrunted, but people still heap shit on them because of their connection to army, something they don’t even want. They miss out on 2 years, plus whatever reservice time, when they could be going into uni, getting relevant work experience, or even taking time off to pursue something else meaningful.

As it is, so many have misconceptions about NS life. Many females don’t understand what males go through because of the segregation, and many adult males find it a way of life, completely neglecting the fact that they themselves probably didn’t want to serve the 2 years. The ones who understand are usually the quiet majority, who rarely speak against the loud minority that complains about everything NS does.

But one group does worse. It is the group that blindly praises everything.

In a sense, it is those that already went through NS, just want to watch others follow the exact standards they have already gone through. Maybe they feel unhappy that “new generation has it so easy” or just want to uphold some high standard, but they are the ones who support NS, because they had already finished it and won’t be touching that with a 100m stick.

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